In close collaboration with GAPGAP GIE (Group of Farmers and Planters for an Active Management of Plantations) we are involved in the agricultural development of Mali, through:

- The facilitation, development and improvement of the agricultural crops;
- The optimization of the several crops;
- Farming Training;
- The supervision of the implementation of the measures imposed by GLOBAL GAP  or any other international certification body;
- The mediation with international bodies in favor of agricultors by introducing Intervention Plans;
- The respect of strict rules for the support and development of Organic Farming;

In 2010, we financed and took part in a deep agronomic analysis of West Africa in collaboration with the Cirad, a French research center working with developing countries to tackle international agriculture and development issues,  in Montpellier (France) and other local institutes.

In 2011, we focused our analysis in Mali by involving Indian and Israeli agronomists.

In 2012, we carried out the largest intervention ever undertaken in Africa for the protection of mango trees from the plague of “Bactrocera Invadens” flies, by placing 20 fly traps in each of 1350 hectare available. We also perfomed a test with the American product “Success Appat”. The results of these two measures are encouraging.



Consultation Fragouaran 2016

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