Our Company started from an idea involving a restricted group of professionals

coming from different countries and activities.

Today, the enlarged team is following projects in many different countries, can speak many languages and understand many different behaviors. But we still believe in the ideas.

MontecarloFruit arises from the union of several economic and managerial food-field realities gathered in the holding MCF-SMS Group, in which the main participations are:










Beyond the financial solidity and 20 years of experience in the food-field, MontecarloFruit can especially count on its managers’ excellency, selected

over many years and united in a cohesive and motivated group. Engineers,

technicians, project managers, logisticians, ripening executives,

shift and filling experts, agronomists and technologists

from all over the world compose the real MontecarloFruit strength.

MontecarloFruit was founded with the aim of delivering the best product and having an entire control of the production.
We started from farm management practices to advanced technology with implementation to a large scale agriculture and industrial production operations always looking for top quality product.

Our mission is to provide fruit and vegetable products within our vertical production chain.

“From field to the table”


Our global network is locally connected through selected partner.

Our accordance for partnership must respond to some strict selection’s criteria’s.


© 2012 by Montecarlofruit.

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